Book swap at Scuola Toscana

PAPERBACK EXCHANGEAt Scuola Toscana we have just opened a (very small) paperback exchange.  It’s a place to trade books you don’t want any more for books you find and you’d like to read. All the students can exchange their books here –  everything for free, of course !



Ein Praktikum im schönen Florenz

Die Scuola Toskana bietet in ihrem vielfältigen Kursangebot unter anderem
die Möglichkeit an, im Rahmen des Aufenthaltes ein Praktikum zu absolvieren.
Dieses Angebot richtet sich vor allem an jene, die für längere Zeit bleiben
und schon fortgeschrittene Kenntnisse im Italienischen erworben haben. Es
ist nicht nur die ideale Gelegenheit den Lebenslauf um eine weitere
Arbeitserfahrung zu bereichern, sondern auch um das gelernte Italienisch im
realen Arbeitsumfeld praktisch anzuwenden. Währenddessen läuft auch der
Sprachkurs für Fortgeschrittene parallel weiter. Die Mehrzahl der Studenten,
die von dieser Chance bisher profitierten kommen aus Japan. Häufig werden
Praktika im Bereich der Hotelbranche, in der Gastronomie, oder in Shops
Zurzeit absolviert so zum Beispiel ein Sprachschüler ein Praktikum im Hotel
Baglioni. Dort kümmert man sich auch um das Catering auf der
Es konnten außerdem schon Praktika in Kunstgallerien, sowie in IT-Firmen und
Modeateliers für unsere Studenten vermittelt werden.
Natürlich hilft die Scuola Toscana dabei den passenden Arbeitsplatz zu
finden und stellt die notwendigen Dokumente zur Verfügung.

A job description

I once read an interview with a famous spy who told how the spy life is not very adventurous and often consists of boring hours of waiting, of poring on papers, of filling reports …

I often think about this interview when I realize that my interlocutor is thinking about my job of “School Director” as that of an intellectual,  thinking all day about new teaching techniques, linguistics, tests and exams … as a matter of fact, since the school is made by a messy bunch of gloriously real people, I spend most of my time attending the following activities: replacing the toilet paper, emptying the bins (forgotten by the cleaning personnel), separating the waste that someone has mistakenly mixed (fishing the plastic cups from the paper box), emergency-mopping the floor where someone has spilled coffee, unclogging the toilet, carrying piles of books from floor to floor, unlocking the wifi, calling the elevator service (while trying to free the student imprisoned in the elevator) … yes, it’s a dirty work, but someone has to do it… DSCN1634

The thing is, if you really care about the place you work in, if you really care about your customers, you do not want – not even for a minute – to have a dirty floor, a wifi out of order, a clogged toilet. Therefore, the director mantra becomes Leporello’s line “son prontissimo a servir “.

To keep a promise

we are in mid-February, and although it is still low season, look at our whiteboard, full of activities!

As we promised at the beginning of the year, we increased the number of extracurricular activities for our students, now there is almost one activity a day.

Moreover, many of these activities are brand-new and therefore interesting not only for the new students but also for those who have been attending Scuola Toscana for several months.

These new activities include visits to photography exhibitions, seminars (Botticelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo), in-house, free of charge aperitivi...
So far we can say that we were able to keep the promise!

Independent apartment

chiho1Though most of the students live in families, or in shared apartments, more and more students prefer the comfort of an independent apartment.

This is the ideal accommodation for someone who wishes more privacy, for some friends coming together, or for a family;chiho 2

Scuola Toscana teamed up with the Florentine branch of a reliable agency that provides high-quality independent apartments at unbeatable prices.

And yes, price is important, but for us the most important thing here is the service that is offered to students, which in this case is really top quality. The apartment manager has become a good friend of Scuola Toscana – she is well known for her commitment to the customers, she really walks the extra mile for our students.

The happy few

happyfew4In addition to the free activities that are included in the courses of Scuola Toscana, we offer also very special tours, for super-fans of Tuscany, for a fee. They are called the “happy few” series, and are guided by our passionate and experienced teacher, Lorenzo.

happyfew3 In these visits we explore not only the most famous places in Tuscany, but also the hidden beauties (for example, the parish churches that are normally closed to the public, the small local museums with less-known masterpieces, the organic farms, the hidden handicraft shops …)happyfew1
We go by private car, and the price is always “all inclusive.” Check it up !

Classical Studies

We at Scuola Toscana have a new partner – after the courses of Japanese language, and Chinese language, we offer now at our school also courses in classical Latin and Greek.


Scuola Toscana teamed up with Giampiero at Centro di Studi Classici GrecoLatino Vivo, and three classes have already started, with young and less young students.

The idea of GrecoLatino Vivo (living Greek and Latin) is to approach these two “dead” languages as “living” languages, therefore speaking in Latin or Greek from the first class, and learning not just the theory, but learning to speak. DSCN1573

Like in the old times, the students of these courses can communicate in Latin also with students from other countries, using it as a lingua franca again … it could be a smart idea also for our foreign students, who after the Italian lessons could join the courses in Latin or Greek too !